Allergy and Asthma Sufferers


Clean Hypoallergenic AirCold, damp and filled with toxins…sound like this could be your home???

Many of our houses seem better suited to growing toxic moulds than raising healthy children.

Attack the problem with the typical arsenal of household cleaners and you’re likely to add to the unhealthy conditions.

Many people are unaware that the building code in New Zealand gives little or no attention to home ventilation.

People all over the country are living in houses with a considerable amount of moisture, which can become a serious issue to both your property and your health.

People throughout New Zealand wake up each morning to find condensation on windows, or are beginning to notice mould on walls, ceilings and under carpets. 

 The old-fashioned way to remove mould and mildew has been to open windows and doors to increase natural airflow but unfortunately, this is neither practical nor safe due to poor air quality, issues of safety, and heat regulation in colder months.

A gauge measuring relative humidity should be obtained, and the level in the house kept below 40%. This can be accomplished by the use of air conditioners and dehumidifiers in the summer, and by preventing over-humidification in the winter.

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